Decoding Hydroponic Farming and Healthy Greens

Plants usually grow through the process of Photosynthesis - it is a process where green plants use the sunlight and chemical found inside the leaves, known as Chlorophyll, to convert Carbon-di-Oxide and water into Glucose and Oxygen.  There is no mention of the soil in here, so put it very simply, Hydroponic farming is a way to skip the soil and substitute it with a different material to support the crop roots and grow them directly in nutrient rich water.

Hydroponic farming is a revolutionary shift in farming method by subtly and seamlessly skipping the soil altogether. It allows the grower to produce more yields, in any part of the world and at any time of the year. 

What are the benefits of Hydroponic Farming?

The rising climate as a result of global warming has majorly affected the growing and harvesting season which has also shifted in various regions. Even under “normal” conditions, though, there are plenty of places where the ground just isn’t conducive for farming like jungles, deserts etc.

Right now, most of the vegetables you come across in the shops have been shipped in from afar, and, as a result, have lost their nutritional value along the way. 

Using hydroponics, we create local food supply system with full nutritional value. Hydroponic produce is not affected by temperature as it is grown in a closed environment. The controlled temperature absorbs less water than soil-based farming also because closed systems aren’t subject to same rates of evaporation. Plus, the water used in hydroponic systems can be filtered, re-populated with nutrients, and fed back to plants again. Hence, the water is constantly being recycled instead of being wasted.

Other “resources” indoor hydroponic plants don’t need? Pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals, since the hydro crops are protected from many pests and plant diseases found outdoors in soil-based farm. Consequently, there is also no need for fumigation of the plant crop even for weeding. Since there is no soil stratum, there are no microorganisms or leaf eating predators as the produce is grown inside enclosures.

So, how is the hydroponic produce better?

Plants grown in well-managed hydroponic systems live a good life. Since roots are bathed in all the nutrients they need, plants spend more time growing upward and less time and energy growing extensive root systems to search for food. Hydro plants can mature up to 25 percent more quickly than the ones grown in soil. This ensures a solid crop yield and a high level of nutrient value in the produce.

At The Fresh Bundle, we provide healthy greens that are hydroponically grown in greenhouses which are consistent in availability and quality year-round. Healthy Greens from The Fresh Bundle are pesticide free and non-GMO, therefore, ensuring high nutrient value.

Decoding Healthy Greens at The Fresh Bundle

Healthy Greens are often referred to as the super foods of current times. In addition to their nutrition value, Healthy Greens boost immunity and also contain compounds that are antiviral. The richer (a.k.a. greener) the colour, greater the amount of antioxidants present.

Healthy Greens are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that you need to remain healthy and disease-free. Majorly, they offer Vitamin C, A, E, foliate, antioxidants, iron, selenium, and zinc among others - which are essential for the body to fight germs and antibodies in order to remain immune to diseases.

While people often find taking pills an easier solution to replenish the nutrient count in the body, there is nothing better than feeding the body with nutrients in its natural form. But how may you make this intake tasty while also maintaining its nutrient value ?

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