Our Complimentary Corporate Concierge Service is one of the many things that set us apart . With our personalized customer service approach, we will guide you through the gift selection process and tailor options to your business needs in order to achieve your gifting goals while staying within whatever your budget may be. Special Corporate discounts, gift branding, and other perks are just a few things that highlight our service.
Business Gifting Building strong relationships is important to business. When FRESH BUNDLE sends a gift on your behalf, it is a representation of your brand and also of ours . We help show your brand’s warmth by adding personal touch of a branded card , branded material you want to send across. Our subtle way of adding your branded products into the gift is guaranteed to impress the receiver.

FRESH BUNDLE Exotic fruit Collection is a great option for Meetings and Conferences. We deliver to Convention Centers & Hotels. We can also help you create room gifts, table centerpieces and/or fruit-accompanied handouts for conference attendees.
Product & Promotional Launches allows us at FRESH BUNDLE to create a custom gift using our Exotic Fruits Collection and other ingredients that fits the brand direction of your product or promotion.
Employee Appreciation From birthdays and employee anniversaries to promotions and achieving sales goals, let your employees know you care and just how much their work is valued and appreciated. We at FRESH BUNDLE make it easy for you to schedule gifts to be delivered ahead of time.
Wellness Programs are essential to employee satisfaction and retention . Providing a healthy perk helps employees fuel their performance, sustain their energy and ultimately increase loyalty. We at FRESH BUNDLE can deliver Exotic Fruits & Healthy Greens on your preferred schedule whether it's weekly/monthly. Call or Whatsapp us at 9310335608 or e-mail at info@thefreshbundle.com today to know how you can get Health & Wellness Delivered.


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