Exotic Veggies Fruits by Fresh Bundle

Fresh Bundle offers a range of 30+ exotic vegetables. Top varieties include Kale, Mushroom varieties, Cherry Tomatoes, Asparagus, Mushroom varieties, Edible Flowers and more! These products are grown using various modern farming techniques (hydroponic / aquaponic, green house farming), soilless farming done strictly with Zero pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. Check out various Exotic Veggie bundles as a one-time trial order or monthly subscriptions! We also offer special gifting bundles and bulk orders for corporates and restaurants.

TheFreshBundle.com is a D2C platform offering Immunity Boosting Healthy Greens (Living Lettuce, Leafy Greens, Vine Crops, Fresh Herbs, Microgreens, Exotic Fruits (20+ varieties imported from over 10 countries) and Exotic Veggies - grown locally using modern sustainable farming techniques.

We offer fresh produce sourced from top farms in each product category. Home customers can try out the subscriptions like Healthy Greens Bundle as well as A La Carte orders of exotic fruits and vegetables. We also offer customised bulk orders for gifting - for corporates, weddings and festive occasions!