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There Are 2 Things Every Website Must Do to Become Eternally Profitable…

Engage visitors in 3 seconds

With millions of websites littered across the web space and lots of noise across the internet, it’s hard to get noticed especially when you’re not a mega authority in your niche and chances are 100 other people have similar content that you offering and they probably drive more traffic in a week than your site gets in a month

So, the only way to become profitable is to make sure that you capture the undivided attention of every single visitor that lands on your site (you only have 3 seconds to do this) and the only way to achieve this is by instantly engaging your visitors.

Static sites are boring no matter how heavily designed it is — if you want your sites to engage, they need to look fresh and pop — they need to become dynamic and animated to command attention.

Sell more products

Seriously, if your site is not making you money… why the heck is it wasting your server resources? Except if you’re here to run a charity organisation! The real reason why you created your site is to make money.

And the only way you can truly achieve that is by selling a lot of products with your site but unfortunately the usual method of placing “buy now buttons and call to actions” on your site are now becoming lame and obsolete, potential customers are getting pissed off and they’re leaving your site in droves.

After generating millions of dollars in sales and revenue from our websites and using lots of marketing strategies to engage visitors and sell products, we’ve come to discover exactly what works best to make our sites look really fresh and generate lots of sales.

Now, You Can Build Highly Converting Websites That Attract, Engage, Retain & Turn Your Website Visitors into Buyers in Seconds…

Capture & Engage Visitors in 1 Second with Dynamic Spot Technology

The worst position your site can be in 2016 is to be a static website… since 2014, these boring sites have been slowly phased and in 2015, dynamic sites dominated every single corner of online marketing for authority and profit generation.

In 2016, if your sites are still static… there’ll be seen as lame and visitors will totally ignore you regardless of what value you may have to offer - this is the harsh truth!

With Fresh Animate, your site will go…

Sell Products Fast with Push Notification Technology

Your audience is already addicted to notifications, they wait for them all the time… they crave for it and they always click it, whether it’s the little notification blurbs that’s popping left and right on their Facebook profiles or the endless push notifications on their android and apple devices.

Every of your customer have already been subconsciously cultivated to expect, read and click on notifications. And what better way to sell products fast that to move with a booming trend?

With Fresh CTA, you’ll easily 10x yours sales by tapping into this power of notifications on your websites to get your visitors attention and sell products to them.

You’ll finally be able to switch…

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Watch This Short Demo Video of Fresh Animate

Add Powerful “Visitor-Mesmerising” Animations to Any Sites in Minutes

50+ Animation Effects

Multiple Animation Triggers

200+ Animation Combinations

Delay & Duration Setups

Built Into Wordpress Editor

Easy User Interface

No Coding Skills Required

Takes Less Than 3 Minutes
to Animate Any Site

Watch This Short Demo Video of Fresh CTA

With Fresh CTA… you can do more than
just replacing your buy now buttons, you can also:

Get More Attention to Your Videos
Videos are the best way to sell products online and with Fresh CTA, you can now place your best pitch videos right in front of your audience the sticky way
Get More Audience to Read Your Posts
Do you have posts or contents your want to drive massive attention to? Let Fresh CTA do it for you in seconds

Use Countdown Timers to Put Pressure on Your Audience
Nothing makes your audience buy faster than scarcity itself and the most effective way to induce scarcity is countdown timers. With Fresh CTA, you can place countdown timers to add urgency on your offers in a really sticky manner.
Build Huge List of Highly Responsive Subscribers Fast
Nothing works better to build your list than taking your opt-in box and smack dab it right in front all your website visitors and make it so sticky they can’t ignore it.

And With Our Ultimate Sales ClobberFresh Studio” - You’re Getting All The Tools You Need to Dominate and Generate Huge Income in 2016

Use ANY Video You Want (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 or Embed Codes)

Seamless LIVE Editing + Drag n’ Drop Interface Makes It Easy to Use

Place Buy Buttons, Annotations & Promote Offers on Any Video

Use The Authority of Mega Players in Your Niche to Get More Sales & Followers

Add Tracking & Retargeting Pixels to Any Video Your Using for Promotions

Full Player Control (Control Bar Display, Autoplay & Skins)

Full Control Over Your Call To Actions (Timing, Styling, Display Settings)

Get More Attention to Your CTA Buttons Using Inbuilt Animations

Very Interactive and Easy to Use Dashboard with Quick Stats

Complete Video Analytics and Performance Tracking

Video is Fully Responsive and Can Display Inline or as a Popover

Display Video on Facebook Newsfeed and Other Social Media Platforms

Works Seamless Inside Any Wordpress Site With All Themes

Full On Documentation and Usage Guide

See What You Get With Fresh Bundle

Fresh Animate Plugin

The core add-on for sites to turn them from boring & static into a fresh and highly engaging site
Fresh CTA Plugin

The core add-on for sites that replacing the annoying buy now buttons with high performance call to actions

Fresh Studio Plugin

A powerful video marketing plugin that taps into the power of authorities in your niche and allow you to place your call to actions on their videos to gain trust, attention and make more sales
10x Your Sales with Videos

Videos are the fastest way to convince a visitor to buy your products and customers trust power players more. With Fresh Studio, you can take advantage of video + power players to sell more products fast.

50+ Animation Effects

Pick any of the carefully crafted 50+ animation effects to make your sites pop with glory
Advertise Products and Offers on Your Site

You’ll discover a whole new way of selling your products and advertising it on your sites and be able to instantly tap into this trending marketing strategy for your own profits

200+ Animation Combinations

There are hundreds of combination possibilities that you can match up together to make your sites really stand out and instantly engage new visitors
Gain More Customers with Soft-Sell Psychology

Easily pitch and presell your visitors into begging customers by foretelling the advantages of your products using Fresh CTA plugin

Make Your Site More Interactive & Engaging

Nothing is more interactive like a dynamic site, you can achieve that in few minutes using Fresh Animate plugin
Replace Non-Performing Buy Buttons with Powerful Notification Based CTA buttons

Buy now buttons are fast becoming obsolete as visitors dread to click them especially when the cost of your products are high. Smart marketers have adopted a really amazing way of getting customers to trust, click and buy your products easily using Fresh CTA.

Setup Triggers & Adjust Timings

Adjust the timings and set the triggers when the animations appear and also how long they animate
3 Different Styles & 8 Positions Preloaded

Fresh CTA already has presets for your campaigns loaded into the plugin for your success

Mobile Responsive

Works on all devices and the animations you create also play incredibly on tablets and even smartphones! Animations the way you want them available everywhere!
Works With All WordPress Sites

The both plugins are post production tools which means they work on every wordpress theme and page builder

Works with All Languages

There’s no language barrier in using the 2 plugins... They work comfortably with any language on your site even if it’s Hebrew.
Premium Customer Support

Got a questions? Get in touch right now with our amazing customer support team, we work almost round the clock to satisfy you.

All These Features Come Together To Become The Most Powerful Marketing Add-on Bundle Your Sites Need to Become Very Profitable

What will it be worth to you if you can download & install fresh bundle on your site right now and…

Make your site fully dynamic in 3 minutes

Turn your site into a high profit-pulling asset instantly

Capture the attention and engage 10x more visitors than you every thought was possible

Start getting more leads and more sales immediately just because of this simple marketing bundle

Start selling more and more products with videos easily

Take advantage of authorities in your niche to gain trust and follower using fresh studio

Christmas Came Early with Fresh Bundle — Get Your Copy Now

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Hundreds of online marketers like you are using Fresh Bundle on their sites right now to generate huge sales volume and collects tons of targeted leads on daily basis.

Come 2016, only sites using dynamic visitor engagement and push notification sales technology will be dominating — normally, you would require lots of cash to get a coder to make your sites look and function this way or you would need serious coding skills

But today, you too can join them WITHOUT needing lots of money or professional coding skills (in fact, you don’t need any experience at all once you have fresh bundle)…

Normally, you would have to buy Fresh Animate and Fresh CTA as 2 separate products (both are standalone) and it would cost you at least $99 each for a single site license.

Currently, a full license of Fresh Studio plugin is selling for $197 but with this special deal… you’re getting FREE!

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But for this JVZoo Grand Opening & Xmas Special offer… we’re bundling our 2 most amazing site profitability add-ons as one big valuable purchase then we’re sweetening it our $197 video marketing suite and even more, we’re heavily slashing the price of the bundle so you won’t even have to pay up to the half price of just a single product inside the bundle.

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Solid 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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